Bowls, Ulu and otherwise

Translucent bowl, 7′, currently with LuV at Snowshoe Fine Arts and Gifts

in Tok, Alaska.

I received about 20 feet from this tree with a spectacular rose heartwood, but this was the only bowl so far that showed so much depth and pattern in the most recent years growth.  Available.

This thin walled 8′ bowl shows the light end of the birch spectrum.  If I have only one abundant, available hardwood, it’s nice to have one with such a range of colors.

This was a small bowl (5′) that I cut my second year turning from a

piece of wood I should have saved for later.  I was fortunate that I cut it so thick

that I was able to remount it, cut a tenon, and turn the walls down

to a translucent thickness. Available.

Azurite and malachite inlaid into 2 change bowls taken

from opposite sides of a crotch.  At Local Showcase in Homer Ak.







This natural edge bowl does a good job at showing some of the quilting and spalting that might have been cut away in a standard form. I have several natural edge bowls of a similar size and form available in birch and alder.         7 x 9 x 3

One of the few pieces that has bloodied my knuckles while sanding.  I got smart and did it by hand.  5 x 8, available.









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